Friday, 22 July 2016

Hi everyone! So today I have a really exciting post because I'm reviewing some amazing products from Caseapp and also hosting a giveaway! They contacted me to choose a custom IPhone case and a laptop skin and I couldn't wait to get started as they have so many amazing designs that you can also customize to make them personal to you!
So I'm in love with this phone case! The design is so fresh and cute, and they also have the option for it to be in a 'tough' design so your phone has more protection, which I definitely need. It feels like such good quality and I think it will last a long time without getting scratched or dirty, which is always what I look for in an IPhone case.
Now, look at this amazing laptop skin! I absolutely love this design with the baby pink and marble it's just so pretty! Seriously I can't stop looking at it...
So if you're looking to design you own case/custom skin then check out caseapp as they have so many options, and you guys can also use my discount code WILTEDXFADED20 for 20% off your order!

Also, you can enter my giveaway!! Details are below!

Rules of the Giveaway
- Follow this blog ( and my Instagram @alicebeaa
-Follow @caseapp on Instagram
-Comment below with what your design would look like and how I can contact you (Instagram or twitter would be best!)

The giveaway will end midnight 29/07/16 and I will contact the winner the next day where you will get a code to get a free product worth £22! The winner will be chosen randomly.

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Monday, 18 July 2016

So I finished my first year of university, which is still crazy to say. The year went so fast! I lot of it was enjoyable, and some of it not so much, so I thought I'd do a little update post to let you guys know all about it. Also if you're starting your first year in September there may be a few tips here!

So beginning back at Freshers Week, when my dad left me in my new room its fair to say I was terrified. It was such a weird feeling to be in a new place and I felt so alone even though I was in a building full of people, however the week actually turned out to be amazing. I gradually started to meet new people and went on loads of nights out (yeah I don't know how my body took that much alcohol) so when the week was over I felt really comfortable and was looking forward to starting the year.

The next couple of months were quite challenging. The first modules I had were not what I was expecting as there was a lot of emphasis on group work and creative writing and I felt like there wasn't a balance, so for a while I felt very unenthusiastic. By Christmas I was feeling very down as the course wasn't feeling right and I wasn't enjoying myself, but I really wanted to see out the year and see if it improved.

After the break the course improved and we got better modules that were really interesting and I was learning new things, so I was feeling better! I also wrote something for The Knowledge and got really lovely feedback, and then I also got published in the INK Journal! Over the last six months I began to feel really accomplished, so now I'm really looking to second year!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know your experiences of university!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Hi everyone! So last week I completed some work experience with the agency One Voice Media based in Exeter (check them out here) and it was such a great week! I feel like I've learnt so much about the PR industry and it's now definitely a career path I would like to pursue. I also wrote a blog on their website if you want to find out more (click here).

I did so many things through out the week including work for the Devon Hotels website and for InExeter like organise their social media schedules and add events to their sites. I also wrote a couple of press releases, one for a charity event and the other announcing that a hotel has received a nomination for an international competition. I also had to research some bloggers for One voice to contact about doing some reviews, and I also really enjoyed making collages to promote some brands based in Exeter.

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

From top to bottom:
MAC Whirl
NYX Sugar Glass
Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K
MAC Spice
MAC Stone

I don't know what I did before lip liner. When the whole Kylie-Jenner-lip-obsession-thing happened everyone was trying to replicate the look by over lining the shape of their lips with lip liner and matte lipsticks, and nowadays the lip liner trend is in full swing and here to stay.
I think the main advantages of lip liner over lipstick is that it's far easier and more precise to apply, not just for outlining the lips but filling them in as well. Also the colour is more opaque and lasts a lot longer because it usually doesn't smudge at all through out the day.
I've chosen to show you a few of my favourites, starting with MAC whirl as it's my absolute favourite. It's plummy tone looks amazing for the day but also the night, as it makes your lips look plump and dramatic. Next is this nude by NYX and I'm really impressed with this affordable brand, it feels really creamy and applies effortlessly. I also love Kylies own version, in the shade Candy K as it's a perfect pinky nude that has an amazingly smooth formula. Another couple of favourites are from MAC in the shades Spice (orangey brown) and Stone which is this beautiful unique brown grey that is great to layer under other shades to make them look darker which I think looks great on everybody.

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