Settling in

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

So here I am, already a couple of weeks into University life, and what a weird couple of weeks its been.
I honestly don't know how to describe it. A strange mix of home sickness, excitement and 'what the hell am I supposed to be doing today'. Freshers week honestly better than what I was expecting, I met a lot of people from outside and inside my course, got to know the campus and got use to where I would be living.

I can't wait for my course to really get going, as I love the look of the reading material for this year and I like the balance of critical and creative work. It feels good to be writing again and because of this, I really want to get more creative with my blog posts.
I'm not sure how, where or why yet, but I know great things will come.
Thanks for reading as always.

First Day of Uni

Friday, 25 September 2015

All items from Esprit
So this Monday is my actual first day of University, I've survived the crazy week of freshers week and now it's time to get on with some work. So in todays post I thought I'd give an idea of the sort of outfit I'll pretty much be wearing 99% of the time to my lectures and seminars, as its all about looking stylish while being as comfortable as possible!
 Now you cant go wrong with a loose fitting, boho style blouse with a pair of boyfriend jeans, its the perfect casual look. Its also pretty cold where I am at the minute so I'll also be getting out the leather jacket and a good pair of boots, and I love these ones from Esprit they're such a great colour and height for an everyday look. And lastly, the most important thing is a huge bag as I'll be hauling around so many books and folders!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what outfit you'd go for on you first day of college/ university!


Off to University!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

So my Gap Year has come to an end and tomorrow morning I am off to university. Scary stuff.
I've been packing all day and its hitting me that I'm moving away and leaving my home! It's such a strange feeling and I'm pretty sure it won't actually sink in until I say goodbye to my dad tomorrow and then I'm left all on my own.

I've had the most amazing year off away from the world of education, I've worked to save up money and I've also been to several different places and had experiences I'll never forget.

But I'm really looking forward to what this next year will bring, once I get through the dreaded freshers week!


Friday, 28 August 2015

I think my favourite day was when we visited Capri, we went over on the boat and as you can see it was very cloudy. We went on the chair lift to the tallest part of the island and we literally couldn't see anything through the clouds! It was really spooky which kinda made it more fun!

When we got back on the ground we went for a look around Anacapri and it offered amazing views of the rest of the island and you even walk through the mountain! It had so many cute little shops to look at with so many beautiful hand made things, even saw a guy making shoes how Italian!
We got the bus back down to the main Capri centre and had a wonder around the amazing shops, the harbour and of course got a slice of pizza. It was very hard to say goodbye to the miu miu store as it was time to get back on the boat...

I hope you've enjoyed my Italy posts!